Bangla Saaheb Gurudwara

A visit to the Holy Place “Bangla Saaheb”!

A few weeks back, I paid a visit to the very famous “Bangla Saaheb Gurudwara“. I had often heard about it from my good friend, and had always desired to visit it. The day finally came, rather unexpectedly – during office hours :p – thanks to a power cut and generator failure. After spending an hour wondering when the power would be restored, a colleague suggested that we visit the holy place, which was at a walking distance.

It was my first visit, and I was very excited. Though I am not very religious, what I really like about these Gurudwaras and some of the temples, is how peaceful the environment is. The music that is played is very relaxing. It takes you to a different world.

We decided to spend some time inside and listen to the Gurubaani that was played. It was very relaxing.

Thereafter I decided to take pictures to share my experience with you. So finally today I am posting those photographs for you to see. I hope you will like them.

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