The Journey

Musings of an eccentric mind

garden_pathShe took the longest route possible – the one which was perhaps the safest to take – and also the most dangerous one. The horned deer kept mostly to themselves. The foxes were unlikely to come her way – she had never seen them – even though she knew they were there. Perhaps the rabid dogs were the only threat. She had once faced them, but now she knew how to avoid them.

It was not the external forces that worried her. And it wasn’t those external forces that made others discourage her from taking that route. It was their lack of faith in her. She loved that route. And if she was going to go, she would not go any other way.

She’d walked so many times. But now her own family forbade her to go there. They said she couldn’t make it. It had been so long…

She was sick of…

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