India Gate at Night : Blur

I was at India Gate this weekend, the whole day i was busy shooting at various locations. When i reached the location it was already flooded with people. It was getting dark, there were lots of colorful lights all around. In no time i took out my camera and started shooting,  having no prior experience of night photography, i decided to go with the flow. Do share your thoughts in comments section 🙂
Note: Image no. 5 have been digitally composed with two separate images to achieve desired result and the 7th image has been digitally reproduced to achieve evil theme.

Some of my favorites :
Dearly Beloved
Colorful Blur
Cee’s Photography
The numpty with a camera
More blurry shots over at the Daily Post

16 thoughts on “India Gate at Night : Blur

    1. 😀 indeed it reminded me of Duserra fair, my favorites are 1, 2 and 6th, there were bubbles all over the place, It was hard to capture them without tripod and so much movement, so decided to play with it :D. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

    1. 😀 Thank you, as i was focusing on bubbles i saw few girls posing for camera with horns glowing red on their head, the evil spirit was in the air, thus came that shot 🙂
      Did you see a human skull in the picture? 😈

      1. 😀 it was all festive out there, probably it happens every weekend at India Gate. We left around 10PM but it looked as if the party had just started :D…

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  2. Wonderful pictures here Atul. I liked #2 and #5. You did a great job in editing and creating pic #5.
    Also thank you for mentioning my blog here. 🙂 Have a great week ahead!

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