WPC: Transition

I have been away from my blog for almost a month now, so lots of covering up is required. Missed out a few of the WPC, but not anymore.

I went out to the balcony to feel the change in weather. It’s November and the sun is no longer harsh on us. The dew on grass hints the transition taking place.

I looked down at the flower-pot, as fresh leaves of coriander woke-up to the sunlight. Within a few days, the transition from a coriander seed to a growing plant had taken place. Some of the leaves were still attached to their parent seed.

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WPC : Concrete Grid!

With construction happening every where in Noida, I came across an under construction building at sector 18, Noida that caught my attention. It stands tall with a grid like architecture design that make it unique and distinguish it from its neighborhood.

I took this picture on my way back to home from a moving bus with phone camera.
It was edited using Flickr’s inbuilt app Aviary to make it more presentable.

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The Old Naini Bridge is one of the longest and oldest bridges in India, located in Allahabad.

WPC : Connected via Bridge!

Old Bridge in Allahabad

The old Naini bridge connecting the city of Allahabad to its neighborhood of Naini is one of the longest and the oldest bridge in India, a fact i just discovered at Wikipedia.


Corresponding to this is the new bridge that was build by the end of 2004 to minimize the traffic and is also the longest cable-stayed bridge of India, both these bridges run North-South across the Yamuna river.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Connected – I

While i was thinking of the images that could reflect the “Weekly Photo Challenge Theme – Connected”. I saw the headphone lying over the keyboard unheard. In today’s tech savvy life, the gadgets play a vital roll in connecting the world together. Not just that, they too are connected, as this one is currently connected to the mac book :p

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WPC : Inspiration – Nature

Since childhood I have been surrounded by nature specially flowers, when ever i see flowers it rejuvenates and inspire me. Few months back, I long with my friend decided to capture India Gate, as we were walking down we saw beautiful flowers on road sides, this is one of them. Explore what inspires bloggers around the globe with the Daily Post.


WPC : Close UP

Golden beads.

I was at my cousin sister’s wedding and the ‘baraat’ was at the entrance of the hotel. As I took pictures of people dancing to Bollywood songs, I noticed strings of golden-colored beads which decorated the front door. They looked beautiful, but it was too crowded for me to focus accurately. I decided to take a wild guess and took the shot :p.

Luckily, the first click turned out the way I wanted! Hope you guys like it too 🙂

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PS: Can you find the moon in this picture?