WPC : Concrete Grid!

With construction happening every where in Noida, I came across an under construction building at sector 18, Noida that caught my attention. It stands tall with a grid like architecture design that make it unique and distinguish it from its neighborhood.

I took this picture on my way back to home from a moving bus with phone camera.
It was edited using Flickr’s inbuilt app Aviary to make it more presentable.

You can find more of grids at WPC: Grid.

The Old Naini Bridge is one of the longest and oldest bridges in India, located in Allahabad.

WPC : Connected via Bridge!

Old Bridge in Allahabad

The old Naini bridge connecting the city of Allahabad to its neighborhood of Naini is one of the longest and the oldest bridge in India, a fact i just discovered at Wikipedia.


Corresponding to this is the new bridge that was build by the end of 2004 to minimize the traffic and is also the longest cable-stayed bridge of India, both these bridges run North-South across the Yamuna river.

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India Gate at Night : Blur

I was at India Gate this weekend, the whole day i was busy shooting at various locations. When i reached the location it was already flooded with people. It was getting dark, there were lots of colorful lights all around. In no time i took out my camera and started shooting,  having no prior experience of night photography, i decided to go with the flow. Do share your thoughts in comments section 🙂
Note: Image no. 5 have been digitally composed with two separate images to achieve desired result and the 7th image has been digitally reproduced to achieve evil theme.

Some of my favorites :
Dearly Beloved
Colorful Blur
Cee’s Photography
The numpty with a camera
More blurry shots over at the Daily Post

Bangla Saaheb Gurudwara

A visit to the Holy Place “Bangla Saaheb”!

A few weeks back, I paid a visit to the very famous “Bangla Saaheb Gurudwara“. I had often heard about it from my good friend, and had always desired to visit it. The day finally came, rather unexpectedly – during office hours :p – thanks to a power cut and generator failure. After spending an hour wondering when the power would be restored, a colleague suggested that we visit the holy place, which was at a walking distance.

It was my first visit, and I was very excited. Though I am not very religious, what I really like about these Gurudwaras and some of the temples, is how peaceful the environment is. The music that is played is very relaxing. It takes you to a different world.

We decided to spend some time inside and listen to the Gurubaani that was played. It was very relaxing.

Thereafter I decided to take pictures to share my experience with you. So finally today I am posting those photographs for you to see. I hope you will like them.