an image of a tiny bee in motion.

Bee in : Motion

After the Water drop trail its time to reveal the Bee in motion for WPC: Motion

an image of a tiny bee in motion.
Bee in motion!

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Mynah taking bath in water.

Afloat : Mynah

As i was walking down towards India Gate i saw few maynah’s, one of them came very close, what happened next has been showcased in the images below πŸ™‚

Mynah taking shower
Mynah taking shower
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India Gate at Night : Blur

I was at India Gate this weekend, the whole day i was busy shooting at various locations. When i reached the location it was already flooded with people. It was getting dark, there were lots of colorful lights all around. In no time i took out my camera and started shooting,Β  having no prior experience of night photography, i decided to go with the flow. Do share your thoughts in comments section πŸ™‚
Note: Image no. 5 have been digitally composed with two separate images to achieve desired result and the 7th image has been digitally reproduced to achieve evil theme.

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