Its Fresh!

With the arrival of spring, new flowers and fresh leaves are all around us. This is the best time to capture the freshness of nature. Presenting some shots from the new arrivals in my balcony 🙂

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Help Help Help! Its funny, but i actually don’t know names of these flowers :p

White rose from terrace garden

Rule of Thirds!

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DP Photo Challenge: Symmetry

With this weeks Daily Post Challenge, I am inaugurating my new Nikon D3200. I have tried to showcase the Symmetry that is commonly present around us but mostly unnoticed. Please do share you thoughts 🙂

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Gulmohar outside my balcony.

Unlike the past few weekends, when I was busy with something or the other, last sunday, I finally got a complete day off. I had nothing major to do, and to add to that we, in Delhi, had witnessed the much awaited monsoon rains, the previous evening. The weather continued to bless the city with cool breeze and overcast skies. It was pleasant to see the sun hiding behind clouds, and that forced me to come to my balcony.

We have a Gulmohar* tree very close to our balcony. I often look at its flamboyant display of flowers which makes me feel close to nature. This time, the Royal Poinciana were looking even more beautiful, as they were wearing new leaves. I decided to take out my Fuji JX 200 camera and capture nature.

My first shot was not satisfying, so I decided to look into the settings. Till now, I had shot at default settings. Going through the settings, I discovered, that I had shot at 3200 ISO :P. I was like “O teri” (an expression of shock), and decided to customize the settings and shoot. I have had this camera for a year, but I hardly looked into the settings. Recently, I learned a few technical details about photography, so I was keen to experiment.

The next few shots came out good, I was motivated. I continued to shoot with random settings. It was hard to remember the settings, but I was getting some good results, so I kept on shooting from various angles, moving all over the place in my small balcony. Finally, when I saw the output, I was happy and willing to post them.

There must have been over 50 shots. I’m putting up the ones that I felt were best of the lot. Hope you will like it.

*Gulmohar – Hindi word for Royal Poinciana. Also called Flamboyant. Scientific name – Delonix regia

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